It worked on Kubuntu 12.10

Alexey Moseyev, AVM Consulting

If you use SQL Developer 3.x on Linux (tested on Ubuntu, RHEL, but applicable to other distributions, and may happens on Mac) and you do not remember time when you closed it gracefully, but xkill it all the time because it just HAAAAAAAAAAAANGs, keep reading at least next 20 lines, it may be very useful.

Usual scenario is: after some idle time, or after you disconnect from vpn/network, you try to do something (at least close window, or open new session, or really – anything) SQL developer start handing for about 15-18 minutes. And it may cascade to whole gnome session been hanging, so you cant even Ctrl+Alt+F1 to kill sqldeveloper..

To fix hanging after idle time, and also avoid most “connection closed” errors:

Download libkeepalive-0.2.tar.gz from http://libkeepalive.sourceforge.net

To fix hanging after disconnect:

Have tcpv6 disabled:

If it helped, – this is it, you can ignore what is…

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